Common Threads Notice - Updated August 2008 - Check Please!!

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Common Threads Notice - Updated August 2008 - Check Please!!

Unread postby Maria » Sat Jun 07, 2003 4:02 pm

I'm tired of people making duplicate threads, and so it is advisable that you check here first for some Common Threads that have been done in the past and need not to be duplicated. Enjoy ^_^
Dw Training Forum Policy

:arrow: Dynasty Warriors Survey
:arrow: The Future of Dynasty Warriors
:arrow: Highest KO counts
:arrow: Favorite Character
:arrow: Favorite Leader
:arrow: Hardest Level
:arrow: Favourite DW Battle!!
:arrow:Highest Combo on any DW Game
:arrow: Least Favorite Game of the Series?
:arrow: Which Character do you play as??
:arrow: Best couples
:arrow: SoSZ Members = DW Characters??
:arrow: Why Did You Like Dynasty Warriors?
:arrow: Gore in DW Games?
:arrow: Best Type Of Weapons
:arrow: Silly Poll
:arrow: DW=Boring?
:arrow: Make A Quote!!
:arrow: Power or Speed??
:arrow: Who has the coolest costume??
:arrow: Favourite DW Quotes

:arrow: Least favorite Shu Officer
:arrow: Favorite Five Tiger General
:arrow: Favorite No-name General
:arrow: Best Female Fighter
:arrow: Miss Dynasty
:arrow: Battle of The Big Guys
:arrow: Greatest Strategist - Game Based
:arrow: Who is most intimidating?
:arrow: Your Favoured Difficulty Setting
:arrow: DW Bad Boy
:arrow: Most Wanted Other Character!!
:arrow: Most Wanted Wei Character!!
:arrow: Most Wanted Wu Character!!
:arrow: Most Wanted Shu Character!!

Game Discussion Threads~ask questions on game play here!!
:arrow: Dynasty Warriors 6 Discussion Thread!!
:arrow: Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires Discussion Thread
:arrow: Dynasty Warriors 5 Discussion
:arrow: Dynasty Warriors 4 Discussion
:arrow: Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires Discussion Thread
:arrow: DW3 Xtreme Legends Discussion Thread
:arrow: DW, DW2 & DW3 Discussion Thread
:arrow: Dynasty Warriors Online Discussion Thread
:arrow: Handheld Dynasty Warriors Discussion Thread
:arrow: Dynasty Warriors 7 Discussion Thread

I've made a massive update on this list. I'd be perfecting it in the next few days, sorting the threads strictly to remove the useless ones. Feel free to PM me if you have any question or suggestions on which threads should be listed and which threads shouldn't. Thank you for your cooperation ;)

PS: Strictly refer to PM to inform me, do not post on this thread (it' be locked). Also tell me if you find any error in the list. :)
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Unread postby Stuart » Sun Oct 19, 2003 6:45 pm

July 30, 03(Stuart): Added a couple of threads, moved some around, edited category title, removed locked and pruned threads. As Dragon_Girl Currently does not have a permenant internet connection, please feel free to PM any of the current moderators(animetayl, Stuart, and Limitless Trust) if you have any suggestions, querys, comments etc.

October 19, '03(Stuart): Removed alot of Broken Links, added a few threads, and split the edits from the main topic, to make it easier to manage, and so you can see when we have updated it easier! Refer to the above edit for contact Information.
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Unread postby SunXia » Tue Aug 19, 2008 8:17 pm

SunXia in June 2006 wrote:OK I've updated most of this, I'm aware a few more changes need to be added but please bear with me!! Please consult these threads before making a thread that will probably be a duplicate!! If you have any problems consult the current staff, Kong Wen, Iain, Kongming's Prodigy or myself!! Thank you!

SunXia on Sept 2007 wrote:I was going to Edit the last post but I want to draw everyone's attention to this thread!!
I've edited and removed a lot of links!! This place should be consulted if a new thread is to be made, especially to see if it already exists, even with a different title!!
Also, if there is any thread you think should be included then feel free to PM me about it and I'll consult the issue!!
Also let me know if there are any broken links, I'll fix it or try to add new threads as seen fit!!
If there are problems, feel free to contact a member of the team, especially those assigned to the Dynasty Warriors Training Forum Moderation Team!!

Right Ladies and Gents, I have once again reshuffled this Thread and I want members to at least consult it before making a Thread in the Dynasty Warriors Sub-Forum!!
This especially concerns threads that talk about the directions Koei and and such are taking with the future to Dynasty Warriors, you'll see a thread specified for that above!!

Go through these threads because it'll be like neglecting others' arguments if you make a duplicate thread that they may not be here to read!!
If confused, consult me or another member of the team!!
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