Miss Dynasty

Koei’s Dynasty Warriors game series. Discuss and enjoy!

Who do you think should be Miss Dynasty?

Da Qiao
Diao Chan
Huang Yue Ying
Nu Wa
Sun Shang Xiang
Xiao Qiao
Zhen Ji
Zhu Rong
Xing Cai
Total votes : 399

Unread postby Cao Zhi » Thu Mar 20, 2003 6:48 am

Gimmie a Z! Gimmie an H! Gimme an E! Gimme an N! Gimmie a J! Gimme an I!

What's that spell?

Zhen Ji! Zhen Ji!


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Unread postby Zhanghe_of_Wei » Thu Mar 20, 2003 6:56 am

:lol: :lol:

I would have liked Diao Chan to be Miss Dynasty, but KOEI made Zhen Ji really hot in DW!! :lol:
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Unread postby TheComingEvil » Thu Mar 20, 2003 7:04 am

Gimmee a D!!!!!! Gimme a J!!!! Gimme a Q!!!!!! Gimme an L!!!!!!!!
WHATS THAT SPELL..........I dont know

Lady Zhen , Lady Sun, Diao Chan are the prettiest. But they did a really good job on Chan.
Miss China:Beaty contest
1st place: Diao Chan
2nd place: This was very close, Lady Sun is gorgious but lacks a drop of femmines she needs tobe first.
3rd: Zhen Ji:Very beautiful, but her new choice of clothes makes her look too confined. Probably a ploy by Cao Pi to get his dad to stop checkin hs wif out.

Miss Dynasty: The best Woman of thee Three kingdoms era
1st: SunShang Xiang: Very beautiful in DW4 but has a warriors spirit that radiates from her, but doesnt seem too badass
2nd:Zhu Rong: her devotion to her husband and her will to fight makes her an Ideal wife for any general, Not as beautiful as some others, but still quite attractive(no, im not starring at where her clothes arent).
3rd Zhen Ji: Beautful and Badass. However, she gained extreme beauty in 4, but lost her Badass feel. In 3 she was pretty, but a little two badass, sometimes making you want to show her HER place. she just missed "Miss Dynasty"
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Da Qiao:"I...I wont be intimidated.";
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Unread postby Gaara of the Desert » Thu Mar 20, 2003 9:43 am

Diao Chan is the only victor here.
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Unread postby Ju Bei » Thu Mar 20, 2003 9:46 am

I agree. Diao Chan.
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Unread postby Jon » Thu Mar 20, 2003 2:30 pm

i voted for da qiao, but im realy voting for her older version thatll probably be in dw5. the qiaos were supposed to be so beautiful they could put the prettiest flower to shame, so they just need some time to grow up.
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Unread postby kenshin » Thu Mar 20, 2003 8:27 pm

Zhen ji how can u compete :lol:
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Unread postby Jon » Thu Mar 20, 2003 8:36 pm

i guess zhen ji in dw4 blows tyhem all away actually.
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Unread postby Ki-Lin Fella » Fri Mar 21, 2003 8:44 am

I like SSX the best.
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Unread postby Analyst » Fri Mar 21, 2003 1:36 pm

I was playing DW3:XL and used Da Qiao with her alternate outfit and I have to say...she is incredibly cute in that colored outfit! :oops:
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