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Unread postby Cao Hong 14 » Fri Dec 29, 2017 4:55 am

I guess since I posed the question I may as well answer it myself :D


Likely-Zhuge Jin, Wu Guotai, and one of Zhu Huan/Pan Zhang/Jiang Qin

Zhuge Jin is almost certainly going to be the next male Wu add, as he made the list in Famitsu's most wanted character poll. Plus he's a strategist which fans seem to love and Zhuge to boot which makes him a more well-known option. Wu Guotai is another obvious choice since Wu hasn't had a female add since DW7 and she is a member of the Sun family, and family is the central motif of Wu. Then both Zhu Huan, Pan Zhang, and Jiang Qin are among the last few prominent mid-era Wu figures. I don't feel that they'll all be added but I do feel fairly confident we'll see at least one of them as the next Wu general added. It's a toss up which one Koei deems to be the better choice of the 3. I have a feeling they may give the edge to Zhu Huan but who knows. Until Koei decides they are willing to expand into late Wu then I'll doubt we'll see anyone like Zhuge Ke, Sun Luban, Lu Kang, etc. even though they are good adds.

Personal desire:
1.Pan Zhang
2.Wu Guotai
3.Zhu Huan
4.Zhuge Jin
5.Sun Luban
6.He Qi
7.Jiang Qin
8.Zhuge Ke
9.Lu Kang


Likely-Liao Hua, Wang Ping, and Xiahouji

I think Shu is pretty easy to figure out who is coming soon. The producers have said that when making DW8 they considered adding both Wang Ping and Liao Hua, so we already know they are on Koei's radar. Plus they are both very popular with fans and have significant roles in the novel so I'm fairly certain they are both coming next. Xiahouji also seems like a likely choice for Koei, she is related to existing characters and was given a fairly prominent role in DW Blast. I could easily see her being the next Shu female whenver they decide to add the next one.

Personal desire:
1.Liao Hua
2.Wang Ping
3.Jian Yong
4.Zhang Yi
5.Liu Feng
6.Ma Yunlu
7.Ma Su
8.Meng Da
9.Xiahou Ji
10.Fan Yufeng


Likely-Bianshi, Cao Hong, Wen Pin, and Zang Ba

I think Bianshi is almost certainly the next Wei add. Wei only has 3 females, but 23 characters in total. Shu, which is the same size as Wei, has 4 females as does Wu which has less characters overall than Wei. I think that means Wei is likely getting a female soon to even the odds and Bianshi is the most obvious choice being the wife of Cao Cao. Cao Hong is another likely choice considering his relations to lots of characters, long career, last non-playable member of the old guard, etc. Then Zang Ba could be possible due to Lu Bu's expanded role and his career in Wei. Wen Pin was popular among fans in DW Blast so that also makes him a possibility.

Personal desire:
1.Cao Hong
2.Cao Zhen
3.Cheng Yu
4.Cao Jie
5.Wen Pin
6.Zhu Ling
7.Zang Ba
8.Xin Pi
10.Cao Rui


Likely-Chen Tai, Yang Hu, Du Yu, and Yang Huiyu

Chen Tai is almost without a doubt the next Jin add. He has all the makings of a DW character and is easily the most prominent general of that time yet to be added. Yang Huiyu is also a like choice since it's usually wives/concubines or rulers that get added and both Sima Yi and Sima Zhao have theirs added already. She is the granddaughter of Cai Wenji and brother of Yang Hu as well, so she seems like a good fit. Yang Hu and Du Yu are also very likely if the timeline is expanded.

Personal Desire:
1.Chen Tai
2.Yang Hu
3.Du Yu
4.Deng Zhong
5.Yang Huiyu
6.Wen Qin
7.Guanqiu Jian
8.Jia Nanfeng
9.Sima Yan
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