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Dynasty Warrior speedruns

Unread postby Toothache » Wed Nov 24, 2010 4:26 pm

I enjoy speedruns and DW games, so it seems natural for me to combine the two. In order to get the fastest time on a stage, it may seem as simple as just rushing to the boss on the easiest difficulty and killing him. Of course, this is one aspect of it, but there's a lot to consider - equipped items and weapons, choosing a general that gives the nearest location to the boss, whether it is faster to play one side or the other in a conflict, and so on.

I've been working on and off over the last few months on an individual stage speedrun list of DW3:XL. So far, I'm about halfway through the original scenarios. My general selection has been quite varied, since some start in a much nearer location to a boss, others don't have any difference but a faster land speed or attack speed. After discovering there were break limit items, some of these times should be improvable with the improved Speed Scroll and Tiger Amulet items at least, but here's the list of times I have so far for each stage:

Yellow Turban Rebellion -Han Forces; Da Qiao; 1:46.02
Battle of Hu Lao Gate - Dong Zhuo Forces; Lu Bu; 2:14.26
Surprise Attack on Liu Biao - Liu Biao Forces; Da Qiao; 0:58.34
Battle at Wan Castle - Zhang Xiu Forces; Da Qiao; 0:58.88
Assault on the Wu Territory - Allies Forces; Da Qiao; 0:51.94
Battle at Guan Du - Cao Cao Forces; Xiahou Dun; 0:59.88
Guan Yu's Escape - Cao Cao Forces; Xiahou Dun; 0:41.02
Battle at Chang Ban - Cao Cao Forces; Xiahou Dun; 0:49.94
Battle at Chi Bi - Liu Bei Forces; Taishi Ci; 1:20.74
Battle at Tong Gate - Cao Cao Forces; Xiahou Yuan; 0:38.38
Assault on Cheng Du - Liu Bei Forces; Pang Tong; 1:04.08
Battle at He Fei - Wu Forces; Taishi Ci; 0.53.20

These are all the times I have recorded, although I've only uploaded 2 of them due to my DVD drive going bust. Once I replace that, I'll rip the rest and upload those. On Novice difficulty it is sometimes faster to use a bow strategy on the boss, (Taishi Ci's 4th gives a nice bonus to Bow Attack, combined with the Huang's Bow, Tiger Amulet and use of the Scroll of Accuracy you can do over 50% damage to the main general in a single arrow).

I guess my post is to generate interest in speedruns, and to see if others can beat my times. Many of them are improvable simply since because I didn't have break limit items, but I'm working on that (just got the maximised speed scroll this morning).
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