Which officer are you most like??

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Re: Which officer are you most like??

Unread postby SapphireKirby » Sat Oct 02, 2010 3:07 am

I'm happy now. :3

You Scored as Liu Bei
Your personality best fits Liu Bei. You care deeply for others, and have an innate 'protector' complex when it comes to seeing people picked on. This might earn you many friends, however just as many enemies.

Liu Bei
Xiahou Dun
Sun Jian
Zhang Fei
Guan Yu
Zhu Rong
Zhuge Liang
Xu Huang
Lu Xun
Sima Yi
Zhou Yu
Sun Ce
Cao Cao
Diao Chan
"Be vigilant! Be vigilant! If an evil is minor, resist it nonetheless. If a good deed is trifling, perform it all the same. Only wisdom and virtue can truly win men's devotion." - Liu Bei's testament (Chapter 85, p. 1012)
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Re: Which officer are you most like??

Unread postby MhiHayoli » Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:53 pm

You Scored as Zhang Fei

Your personality best fit Zhang Fei (minus the alcohol). You are brash, and talk...a lot. You don're care what people think unless of course they are your friends. You usually tend to over indulge food, but who cares right?

Zhang Fei 100%
Liu Bei 92%
Guan Yu 83%
Sun Ce 75%
Lu Xun 75%
Sun Jian 67%
Zhou Yu 67%
Zhuge Liang 58%
Xu Huang 50%
Zhu Rong 42%
Diao Chan 33%
Xiahou Dun 33%
Sima Yi 33%
Cao Cao 8%

Okay... . I would have said that I am more like Liu Bei or Ma Chao or maybe Zhang Liao. Walking one direction, but considering what I want to do for the people and my own destiny. O~O But Zhang Fei?! Why not Guan Yu! Dx
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