Weirdest thing that happened to you in DW??

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Re: Weirdest thing that happened to you in DW??

Unread postby MhiHayoli » Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:42 pm

I can tell of three stupid things that happened to me.

First - DW5 Empires
I was playing part of the fight against Zhang Jiao and the Yellow Turbans. I was at the end and only Zhang Jiao had to be destroyed. I went in and wanted to slay him - suddenly Sun Jian came with an elephant and knocked him straight into the nearby wall! :shock: "First - where did he got the elephant - and Second - how do we defeat Zhang Jiao now?!" << that was all I could thing back on that day. :roll:

Second - DW6 - Zhao Yun at Chang Ba
I rescued all the people units because their units started floating in the air when I knocked Zhang He off his horse near powered up Zhang Fei :shock:

Third - Dynasty Warriors/RoTK OC Buggs
Two of my OC's I build in DW (and also in RoTK) messing the game up somehow. Mhi Hayoli (my Wei officer) never gets hit one time by Wei officers. They roll around and dodge as good they can or try to flee the fights, but none of them dares to hurt her. :shock: The other one is Umi Mari (my free officer). She's the only person I have ever build that can defeat Lu Bu easy on very hard mode. She's the only character ever surviving it, even if I equip a weapon I'm not good at O_o Sometimes Lu Bu even runs from her.
These two charas never change - regardless which DW (or RoTK) I play. It's like a curse or miracle... . I don't know O~O;
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Re: Weirdest thing that happened to you in DW??

Unread postby Xiahou Jia » Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:24 pm

The weirdest thing ever in the franchise is DW6...

Ok, let's mention few glitches and surprises and even exploits in dw8/dw8xl:

1. Horse abilities being carried from ambition mode to story mode. Normally you can't equip a horse in a story mode prior to battle, however if the story character's default horse is of the same breed as the last equipped in ambition/free mode then all the abilities carry over.
2. 3xEnergy bodyguards allow for an infinite rage musou (until you're sick of holding circle or disconnect from the ground) when in red and with proper weapon for the characters with relatively slow moving rage musous. Won't work for say Chen Gong or Cao Ren because your bodyguards won't catch up with you but works beautifully with Xiahou Dun.
3. Allies utterly destroying Lu Bu at Hulao Gate on Ultimate. Seriously...they rip him apart. I can't even do anything because Sun Jian and co just go berserk. I've played the stage dozens of time and they always destroy him. Never seen Lu Bu defeating any of my allies there.
4. Another bodyguard exploit that ends up badly. Try stacking ambushes one on top the other. The AI backs off...sometimes off the map. You can't get him so all you can do is hope that the panic status expires before your allocated time. The most embarrassing defeat ever.
5. Generic bodyguards stealing your kills. I swear they do it intentionally :lol: many times I'd see them blocking and waiting till I reduce the AI health and then they land a killing blow.
6. Cao Cao's freezing musou freezing my game :) PS3 is handling the game nearly perfectly and I had only 3 crashes in countless hours. All 3 happened after I activated double musou with Cao Cao. Pretty cold, cousin...
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Re: Weirdest thing that happened to you in DW??

Unread postby LordSimaYi » Wed Feb 11, 2015 6:02 pm

In the New Hefei mission in DW8 (Wu Forces I think) I went up a set of stairs and saw a couple of those totally historic cannon tank things, I then turn a corner and see 3 of the same things... but FLYING! They were so high that I couldn't attack them :(
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