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Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 11:04 pm
by Shadowlink
urbanterrorist wrote:The three brothers always get to me. Especially Guan Yu's death scene in DW5 Fan Castle. I forgot what he says but it's a tearjerker.
Yeah me too, everytime you finish Guan Yu you knew there was going to be a major change in the three kingdom

Unread postPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 3:03 am
by Lady Wu
urbanterrorist wrote:The best last words were the generic generals from DW4.
'Is it over? Already?'

I find that most hilarious too. I just can't imagine anyone actually saying that when they die.

I started this thread because yesterday when I was coming home from work, I had a really nice view of the mountains from the train. And I thought of Zhou Yu's line in DW5, Chinese version, which is something like "Goodbye, O beautiful mountains and rivers!"

Somehow Meng Huo's line makes me most sad, though.

Unread postPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 3:38 am
by Sun Gongli
Zhou Yu's English death line in DW5 is "Fair rivers and mountains of Jiang Dong, farewell!"

Yeah, Meng Huo's line is pretty sad. I forget the exact line.

Me? If I were to die? I'd just say "他媽的!"

Unread postPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 4:48 pm
by SunXia
Adam Sisemore wrote:*points at previous post by Adam Sisemore* :P
And..what's your point?? :P
Naw I just wanted to type everyone's out to test my memory, I think I got them right!!

Unread postPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 1:38 pm
by Darkest Legacy
Oooh, i have to say, other then Xu Zhu in DW5, i really like Zhou Yun, (its probably because he is my favourite character in the game), his just seems to be somthing a true warrior would say, after him, id probably say Guan Yu is best, in DW5 ofcourse, then probably, someone like Zhuge, i just really like his intelligent ways, and speeches, including those long words he sais.

Unread postPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 10:09 am
by Xiahou Mao
Well, I can't sleep yet, so lets see what I can catalogue.. from DW5! These are gathered painstakingly from the Empires voice listings. ;)

Zhao Yun: Is this the end of my journey?
Guan Yu: Brother.. Zhang Fei.. we shall always be brothers.
(vs. Xiahou Dun) Impressive, Xiahou Dun..
(vs. Zhang Liao) I have no regrets losing to one of your strength.
(vs. Xu Huang) Xu Huang, that was most impressive..
Zhang Fei: Brother, forgive me.. our oath..
(vs. Lu Bu) Damn! Of all the people to lose to!
Zhuge Liang: Ah.. I've failed to realize my plans..
Liu Bei: My oath in the Peach Garden.. broken..
(vs. Cao Cao) I have lost.. please.. look after my people..
(vs. Sun Shang Xiang) Shang Xiang.. this is destiny.. do not have any regrets..
(vs. Sun Quan) The heavens have sided with.. Sun Quan.
Ma Chao: My spear.. where did it go wrong?
(vs. Cao Cao) Even if I die here, I shall haunt you in the afterlife..
(vs. Pang De) So, this is where Pang De's loyalty truly lies..
Huang Zhong: To die on the battlefield.. such good fortune!
Jiang Wei: Ah.. there was so much left for me to accomplish..
Wei Yan: My.. death.. has come..
Pang Tong: Like they say.. life is short..
Yue Ying: Zhuge Liang.. forgive me..
Guan Ping: I have failed to live up to my father..
Xing Cai: So this is to be my fate..

Xiahou Dun: I.. so wanted to see a land.. under Cao Cao's rule..
(vs. Guan Yu) So.. this is the one Cao Cao longed to have..
Dian Wei: Damn.. I still have..
Xu Zhu: It's no use.. oh, the pain..
Cao Cao: Is my ambition not enough to conquer the land..?
(vs. Guan Yu) To die by your hand.. perhaps this is fate..
(vs. Liu Bei) So, the land has chosen virtue over cunning..
(vs. Sun Quan) Looks like the son of the Tiger caught up to me..
(vs. Yuan Shao) Perhaps I was wrong about the strength of the Yuan family..
Xiahou Yuan: I guess my time has come..
Zhang Liao: So, you have surpassed my might.. impressive!
(vs. Guan Yu) My might has come to an end.. farewell, Guan Yu..
(vs. Lu Bu) I was unable to realize.. my dream of true might..
Sima Yi: Such foolish times.. to not make use of my talents..
(vs. Zhuge Liang) Impossible.. did they see through my plans?
Xu Huang: Alas.. is this how the warrior's path is to end?
(vs. Guan Yu) Guan Yu.. you truly are a legend.
Zhang He: Ah.. to be the tragic hero!
(vs. Yuan Shao) Perhaps I missed my true calling..
Zhen Ji: To die in such a horrid place..
Cao Ren: It's quiet.. nothing like the chaos of the land..
Cao Pi: Hm.. so this is what death feels like..
(vs. Liu Bei) Hm.. so the destiny of the land does lie with the people..
(vs. Sun Quan) So.. the tiger has become the hunter..
Pang De: So, this battlefield is to serve as my tomb..
(vs. Ma Chao) Ah.. the fields of Xi Liang.. is this a dream?

Zhou Yu: Fair rivers and lands of Jiang Dong.. farewell!
(vs. Zhuge Liang) Heavens.. why do you choose Zhuge Liang over me?
Lu Xun: I've.. let everybody down..
Taishi Ci: Has my luck run out?
Sun Shang Xiang: Eh, something's wrong.. with my weapon..
(vs. Liu Bei) Farewell.. Liu Bei..
Sun Jian: My sons.. you must carry on without me..
(vs. Cao Cao) I could not stop.. his journey towards conquest..
(vs. Liu Bei) A world ruled by virtue.. I thought it but a fantasy.
Sun Quan: I have let my father and brother down..
(vs. Cao Cao) Am I.. not worthy?
(vs. Liu Bei) So.. the Sun family line.. is to end with me..
Lu Meng: I gave my life in service to Wu. I have no regrets.
(vs. Guan Yu) I could not bring peace to Wu..
Gan Ning: Ugh.. looks like I got a little carried away..
Huang Gai: It is an honour to die in battle, for the glory of Wu..
Sun Ce: Ah! I had so much.. ahead of me!
Da Qiao: I gave it my all, but..
(vs. Cao Cao) This isn't fair..
Xiao Qiao: Sis.. Zhou Yu..
(vs. Cao Cao) I lost.. *sob*
Zhou Tai: So this.. is the end..
Ling Tong: I had such a bright future..

Diao Chan: I would have liked to dance in a time of peace.
Lu Bu: I can't die.. I..
(vs. Liu Bei) I lost to Liu Bei.. this can't be!
(vs. Zhang Liao) You defeated me.. your name shall go down in legend.. Zhang Liao!
Dong Zhuo: My life.. of pleasure.. gone!
Yuan Shao: The honour of my family's name.. smeared in the mud..
(vs. Cao Cao) Impossible.. to lose to such a commoner..
(vs. Zhen Ji) My son.. this woman truly is evil..
Zhang Jiao: Oh.. my soul.. shall not ascend to heaven..
Meng Huo: It looks like I bit off more.. than I could chew..
Zhu Rong: It looks like I finally burned out..
Zuo Ci: What is to become of this land?
(vs. Cao Cao) It appears.. that I have your answer..

Whew. That was a handful. And now, two bonus death quotes from Samurai Warriors 2!

Takeda Shingen: This never would've happened to Sima Yi..
Takeda Shingen: Pretend.. I'm.. saying something profound..

Unread postPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 3:28 pm
by Shadowlink
See Lady wu... See Sunxia! See Sun gongli! Guan Yu and Liu bei do have good quotes Wahahahahh! Zhang liaoxguanyuxxu huang told you! now I can dance eheh

Unread postPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 11:35 pm
by Sun Gongli
I don't think those quotes are good. Especially when compared to Takeda Shingen.