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Re: Dynasty Warriors 10 Characters Wishlist

Unread postby Xu Huang fan » Sun May 10, 2020 2:52 pm

Dong Zhou wrote:
I think Liu Feng could be a very intresting character (could be a bit of a compare and contrast with Shan, relations with Guan Yu, Ping, Liu Bei, Shan and a few others), the problem is what to do about his fate. I think Liu Bei made the right call for the stability but good luck explaining that one in DW

A lot happened post Dong and Li Jue would allow that to be done, would also link up with characters like Jia Xu, Lu Bu, Cao Cao and co if they fleshed out what happens once Dong Zhuo is killed, it could help build up the Han as well.

if Liu Bei did the right thing is debatable, infact i'm still not sure if he truly did make the right call there, but yeah Liu Feng is a character that, i wouldn't mind him being in the game, but i know for a fact they wouldn't handle his fate properly, so i'd rather him just not be in the game period.

you make a pretty good point with Li Jue, i'd be willing to concede him showing up if he'd be done well, but there's no need for Guo Si too since the two are kinda interchangeable in my eyes, but Li Jue is a tad more important.
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Re: Dynasty Warriors 10 Characters Wishlist

Unread postby Gongsun Z. » Sun May 10, 2020 7:03 pm

Hello Xu Huang fan, :)

First of all, I can perfectly understand debate on this subject could let burn the fire of true passion. I’m just the same. Quite frankly, I think I have my part of responsibility too, but we can see it like bringing our small stone to the Great Wall of debates. Reviving the memories of the Dynasty Warriors with or without historic arguments is our tiny contribution for the Three Kingdoms. Sometime, I’m demanding myself what feelings the spirits of these great warriors could have when it comes to talking about them more than 1800 years later.

The only answers I got are my own feeling about them. True fantasy heroes of mysterious and ancient times. Arguing like that, remembering them like that, maybe are we after all their true fantasy heroes too…? :D

There are a lot of suggestions and observations you have that seem right to me. Let’s notice that sometime my list is very different from the characters I desire, just like yours, only due to the importance they have. There are a lot of characters I like, like Guan Yinping, and hell know that there are a deep creation of characters’personnality in Koei (that’s why we are passionate to keep someone that have done very few or nothing in history), but I can’t honestly say that she might be in the story. I just guess we can have historic characters with as strong personality as her. But I’m very confident on that point like Koei never disappointed me in that point. To tell you the truth, sometimes their creations are as good as one of big manga (like One Piece for example). :P

I have given my list without explaining for the great part, so I will complete my mind with the support of your propositions.

Dian Wei: Like all the one-shot warriors, Ma Su, Zhou Fang, Wang Shuang… the difficulty is to know if they deserve a one-shot story. My feeling is that it remain optional since all the others biggest stories aren’t done. Dian Wei could be a part of the story of Cao Cao. Escape from the burning castle or escape from the mountain (for Ma Su), could be add in the extension ‘Xtrem Legend’ for example.

Cao Mao: A one-shot story too, I agree, but the difference with the others cited is that, as an emperor, he is the living symbol of the fall of Wei. Secondary character in the battles, yes, but principal to the story, thought he represents the last period of Wei (we got the beginning of the Wei period with Cao Cao, we must end it with Cao Mao, like history). He is quite popular too, probably for that reason, but less likely (for now) to be add. But he has a great possibility to be add in the future, since he is present in Dynasty Warriors Blast (with a very good design, I might add :) ).

Cao Xiu: I could consider him like a one-shot too. I would add Zhou Fang or Cao Zhen to make a proper storytelling with him, who makes a lot of maybe to make him a principal character. Maybe in the future, but now he is secondary. A relative ‘could be’ for me. Had the better design of DW Blast before his apparition in DW9 and a self-effacing personality for now. I’m curious to see what Koei will do with him. :o

Yue Jin… poor treatment, strange design :? (in my opinion), and the only two battles I can remember of him is when he fought Chunyu Qiong and Yuan Tan. The two of them are absents, so it’s difficult to make him fight more than NPC’s. So I put him aside for now. Strangely, I like him, since he is there from the beginning, but with a better design please…

Li Dian: Just like you, I’m a little disappointed of what Koei have done to him… design, story… :roll: We can deepen the character to give him a proper story, especially with Zhang Liao and the hatred he got to him, due to his uncle’s murdering. His strong presence near Xiahou Dun in Bowang or Zhang Liao in Hefei could make him act as a very good character. His personality can be turned to the reality he was. A prudent general, nearly a strategist, who think before acting. I put him aside due to the poor treatment he had in the moment. A ‘could be’ so, but with a very strong reshuffle. 8-)

Zhenji: That’s a point I could give it to you. Cao Pi, Zhenji, Cao Rui… a great family reunion like with the Sun in Wu. I have great memories with the beginning of DW7 with the fight of Sun Jian, Ce, Ren and Quan against the Yellow Turbans. Quite a cutscene ! A true maestria of artistic direction. :D
The fact is there is a lot of fans who are pushing for Bianshi, Lady Wu, Lady Gan (or Lady Mi, or Lady Mu, not the three of them)… for retrieving these great family moments. I don’t really know if this is a good idea. Cao Cao will be more human if he got Bianshi, for example. That said, she could have a good story, especially if she begins in the Yuan Clan. But we have none there apart from Yuan Shao, so she’s not ready for the great show she can perform. Half a story is not a story itself. Plus, the family reunion could turn something smooth I’m afraid to see. I like her, it could be terrific, but I’m a prudent person (the Li Dian of 21st century lol). So, due to this position, I prefer to see her in the complete story of Cao Pi, than in his own incomplete story.

Wang Yi: It is the story of a vengeance, but a very short vengeance. She’s almost a one-shot story without a proper ending. I personally prefer the ones of Ma Teng or Han Sui to tell that story. A thirty years of taking Liang Province under Tribal control, beginning even before the Yellow Turbans (remember DW5 ‘Battle of Liang Province’, a great battle with Ma Teng, Han Sui, Li Jue, Guo Si) and ending with Xiahou Yuan. I like Wang Yi maybe more than Ma Teng or Han Sui, just because she doesn’t have the same power to do the same thing, the power of a Warlord of the Three Kingdoms. But priority, in my mind, is passing by improving all these missing Warlords, before commoners, even exceptional they are. Plus, the darkest part of Ma Chao will never be truly exploited, even with a big story for Wang Yi, or him pushing his father to be killed. Ma Chao reclaims for justice, but we are very far from the dark character he was, due to the benevolence of Liu Bei (just like Gongsun Zan though). THAT is the true injustice! :evil:
So, the true potential of Wang Yi (to see the true side of a dark Ma Chao) will never unhappily happen. She’s not related to anyone else, so she would be perfect in the Ma Chao story! I imagine her kicking him of her country with a mask all along her part of the Ma Chao story, and in the end she remotes it, letting Ma Chao say ‘A woman !’, in rage, before forced to flee. That would be terrific!

Xu Huang fan wrote:
you wanna remove Wang Yi while adding more Ma's is...interesting to say the least.

Ma Teng: ‘adding more Ma’ ? We just have two of the Ma… three is not a crowd. Do you prefer Han Sui in exchange because he lives longer ?

Anyway, the Liang Province Rebellion must be told. Wang Yi is one tiny piece of this story. Ma Teng is one the missing key and Han Sui the other one.


Yueying: There… I must admit I’m balanced. Agree to keep her but his story is parallel to that of her husband. History is not clear in the date of his death, but in the game, it is short after Zhuge Liang. She brings a lot in Shu, so maybe you are right and must be kept. So perhaps playing the story of Zhuge Liang with his wife (and his inventions) with proper storylines could work, yes.

Xing Cai: I like her design… but which story to tell with her? Her brother Zhang Bao is only tied with Guan Xing in the book. The two of them are just the reincarnation of the spirit of theirs fathers. She had not place for it, except if she can make an oath in a peach garden in place of Liu Shan… who can route them to a ‘What if’ story and… Forgot that… :lol:

Liu Feng: A splitting character, just like Ma Su and for the same reason: a cruel fate. In the original Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Liu Feng losts a lot of battles, did’nt help Guan Yu and finally lost against Meng Da. A serie of defeats that makes Zhuge Liang (and not Liu Bei) to put the decision of him being killed (if we except of the political decision of two crowned sons). ‘The ruler is benevolent, the minister must act’ is the morals Zhuge Liang can say in the end of this story. :idea: Liu Bei dies a short time after… It could be a part of this decision that made him die in sorrow, adding a smooth dramatic ambiance to his death and reinforcing his benevolence for more than a thousand years. :huohu:

Huang Hao: The idea for a dark man in Shu remains. :twisted: Too much benevolence kills benevolence. Fa Zheng is damn good, but Huang Hao (or Ma Su, with his arrogance) could perform better. The DW Blast design did’nt work: he’s way too young. :rangry: Huang Hao is an old eunucs. A sage in tricks, lies and cheating. It would be amusing to have a musou where another one(s) can beats the enemy in place of him or even cheating of fleeing before kicking them. :lol: Just some funny ideas about it.


Bu Lianshi: Same as Zhenji. What ??? She’s a bodyguard (just like Zhou Tai). Who stay near Sun Quan (just like Zhou Tai) - Wait a minute… Zhou Tai, is that you ? :lol: - and more than thirty years in a post-teenage ridiculous seduction. Seriously ? Thirty years ? I understand his role can be appreciated: the girl curing Sun Quan from his returns to the battlefields.
You’re surely right in telling she would introduce Sun Luban :o (the fact Sun Luban had three models in DW Blast comfort this theory). After all, she had been chosen between the 5 women of Sun Quan. There is no accident. That’s a Koei idea for sure. :wink:
But did she really deserve a complete story ? Like a bodyguard, she got the same battles than Sun Quan. Plus she’s eclipsing Zhou Tai, who had no role in Wu since her apparition. If I choose someone, I remain in Zhou Tai. He has true battles, numerous relationships, and most of all, his career deserves better.

Sun Luban: I want her in the story. I remember an anecdote: a discussion with someone who wanted Mother Dong, the mother of Dong Zhuo. When I ask him why, he tells me ‘Like that we can understand what truly tyrant he was’. Koei must have mysteriously heard him somewhere since they add us Dong Bai... Sun Luban could have been a truly darkest character in Wu story, the first of many to go in the future. A treacherous wife of a powerful Sun Jun, who can put the first step of disorder in Wu, the first step to the fall. In my mind, Sun Luban could have been Dong Bai in personality. Surely I’m not right, but like I see in his Blast design, she’s more like a cheery girl, just like the Qiao’s are. :shock: Again, maybe I'm wrong. Wait and see !


Wang Yuanji: For some reason, I forgot her. Mostly popular and bring a highlight of the complete serie in term of popularity. Splendid design and personality, but same story of his husband, so maybe we can do like Zhuge Liang and Yueying, and play the same story with different storylines. Can truly works if Sima Yan is added, if she trains him to be a strong sovereign (due to the laziness of Sima Zhao).


Gongsun Zan: My favorite character. Benevolent with a dark side, strategic but hot-tempered… He is the ‘Darth Vador’ of the Three Kingdoms. :twisted: A good guy gone bad by power, like teinted by, wonderful when everything is good, and a true tyrant we he loses everything. The same problem as Ma Chao. Due to the friendship of Liu Bei, he must be benevolent, or else, everyone cannot understand why this one did’nt try to help him in the end and even cut him from his top warrior (Zhao Yun). In the end, you can be sure Gongsun Zan will be the big missing in the story. Koei is trapped, just like me, because I’m sure we cannot see him happening :( (not even a blast design, just like Chen Tai for some unknown mysterious reason…).

Li Jue: Honestly, one Li Jue worth an army of Dong Bai and the likes. :mrgreen: The only fact we got about her is she got eliminated with the Dong Clan…
That character got mystery for me, especially how he kicked the mighty Lü Bu to throw him in an errand life, take the government, made many alliance with several Warlords (included with Ma Teng/Han Sui he had already fought in the chaos of Liang Province) to keep his post in Luoyang. A man terrified by warlords (he had survived the fate of Dong Zhuo and the alliance against him), terrified by his ‘friends’ and assassination, a man who made magics to know his future and curse his enemies. How strong, how strange is that man ! Quite frankly, such a character attracts me, like Sima Yi said (to another character) ‘You had the ambition to do not know where your poor abilities will lead you.’ For the reason he is an important Warlord and that his story leads to an untold piece of the one of Lü Bu (the reason why he have to flee Luoyang) and others Warlords, I want his story. But please not with the ugly design of DW Blast. The only thing I care here is not to fail the character. Koei has done quite bad with Yuan Shu and even worse with Yuan Shao (having transforming him from charismatic to ridiculous). I hope they could’nt do worse for him.

Guo Si: For me, he’s just an add to the Li Jue story. A 'could be', when we got Li Jue... :roll:

Dong Zhou wrote:
Am I the only person who wasn't fussed by losing the bodyguards? I only really cared if they took a officer kill from me

Bodyguards were cool in DW4. 8-) I created my own team with the missing characters in the games. So when I play Wu, I got Lü Fan, He Qi... When Shu, Ma Su, Wang Ping etc... But I think more inconsciously the gamers related bodyguard with a good IA. Since DW5, we don't see any NPC doing his own musou or even steal to the gamer his own kills. 'Hey that was my general !! :lol: " Difficulty to get the master weapons, a good challenge in the game (and not just to pursue a really mighty Lü Bu). THAT is part of why I love this games. So I believe when numerous gamers says 'Gives us bodyguard', they secretly hope and ask for a new challenge and not the Bowling Warriors we got in the last games.

Dong Zhou wrote:
In terms of the cutting characters, even by Dw5 the number of stories were a problem so cutting then adding more won't fix.

You are right, but remember that in DW5 we got numerous battles shared between too many characters. I guess if we have more characters in the games, each of them must have less battles to compensate. DW5 has an average of 5 battles per character. At its output, lots of characters had longer stories (too long especially for those who have a short life) to inflate the global playing time. So, go from 5 to 3 battles in average per characters for a future game could eventually work.

:pika: :pika: Last one thing, this year will be the 20th anniversary of the Dynasty Warriors serie, and Koei will made a great announcement in August :!: It will be a Dynasty Warriors for sure, because they have listed all the series in a detailed chronology. Here’s the link.


So, what do you think it will be :?:
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Re: Dynasty Warriors 10 Characters Wishlist

Unread postby Sun Fin » Sun May 10, 2020 7:25 pm

Dong Zhou wrote:Am I the only person who wasn't fussed by losing the bodyguards? I only really cared if they took a officer kill from me

Ho yes, I can remember getting very annoyed about this! :lol:
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Re: Dynasty Warriors 10 Characters Wishlist

Unread postby Jake » Fri May 15, 2020 9:41 pm

Sun Fin wrote:
Dong Zhou wrote:Am I the only person who wasn't fussed by losing the bodyguards? I only really cared if they took a officer kill from me

Ho yes, I can remember getting very annoyed about this! :lol:

Or during a battle in the earlier games when they would kill an officer or a gate guard so they would push them out of boundaries from the map, making the power up unreachable. :roll:
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Re: Dynasty Warriors 10 Characters Wishlist

Unread postby Gongsun Z. » Sun May 17, 2020 4:30 pm

Jake wrote:
Sun Fin wrote:
Dong Zhou wrote:Am I the only person who wasn't fussed by losing the bodyguards? I only really cared if they took a officer kill from me

Ho yes, I can remember getting very annoyed about this! :lol:

Or during a battle in the earlier games when they would kill an officer or a gate guard so they would push them out of boundaries from the map, making the power up unreachable. :roll:

Or the base in front of you which refuse to open for some reason... :evil:
Or even the ladder which allow you to reach the sky without limit. :lol:
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Re: Dynasty Warriors 10 Characters Wishlist

Unread postby MasterG0819 » Tue Jul 21, 2020 3:42 pm

Hey guys. I actually saw this a while ago and wrote a list but been busy. There are a few people I wanted added for a while.


Lady Bian. Can build Cao Cao’s, Cao Pi’s and Zhan Ji’s characters greatly while having a role in the story as a intelligent, caring but tough willed woman who people like Xiahou Dun and Xun Yu respect greatly, while Cao Pi both respects her and she is one of the few people he’s afraid of. She will be around for almost the entire story and was just a great lady.

Cao Zhen. A great general who had connections to a few people in the games, especially Cao Pi and Cao Xiu, while he would be around for a while. I would be good with Xiahou Shang as well but I think Cao Zhen would be better just since he would be around longer.

Zhang Yao. He could expand Wei’s story in a few ways, such as including the battles against Gao Gan, which would also give Ma Chao and Peng De more screen time. He was connected to a few people such as Cao Pi and of course his son, whose story is the main thing that would make me want him in. I remember reading a post Daolunofshiji made on his tumble a while back about how Zhong Hui’s revolt likely had a lot to do with wanting his family to be independent after a long history of working for others. Along with how I agree that played a part I think it would be a interesting story to show, maybe stared by the relationship between Cao Cao and Zhang Yao being shown getting a bit worst, topped by Zhang Yao being removed for when in 218 a official he recommended revolted(can just be mentioned while otherwise have Cao Cao not listening to his advice as much in later years) Him or Zhong Hui later might see the action as not really fair and this starts a slowly increasing discontent with the people in charge in the Zhong family.

Zang Ba. A very interesting general who would be around for a while in the story. He was just a very skilled, cool guy who would add to the story well. While it was not a major event in the big picture I’d like to see the revolt of Chen Lan and Mei Cheng in the games and Zang Ba’s role would be cool to show, also giving Han Dang more scene time.


Lady Wu. No clue why she’s not in already with how DW has been writing the Sun family. A great woman who can be the one encouraging her husband and sons throughout several insane events. Like Lady Bing she’s tough, caring and intelligent. Seriously I don’t get why the Qiao’s are in and she’s not. That said what Wu really needs is to expand the late story so.

Zhuge Ke, Zhu Yi, Lü Ju and Lu Keng. I don’t think real explanation needed for any past they were some of Wu’s best generals of the time and all played major roles in the battles with Wei, then Jin for Lu Keng. I would made Lu Xun look older not dependent on if his son is added.


Jian Yong. A good guy who can be the adviser for early Shu. With his personality it would make sense that he would step aside later when the other advisers show up and he would just make the early Shu story more entertaining.

Like Wu, Shu really needs more people in the late era so.

Zhang Yi, a skilled general whose around for a while and whose relationship with Jiang Wei would alone make Shu’s late story more interesting.

Zhang Ni. He was in a big way what DW says many people in Shu already were but more interesting. A all around great warrior, general and person. He might have to be in battles he was not historically involved in to get sizable time but I’d be ok with that.

Luo Xing. One of Shu’s best generals. He would have several uses in the story. He can be helping lead Shu forces in battles for a while but being smarter in how he looks at their odds of beating Wei, he has a uneasy relationship with Jiang Wei who he suggests be more careful, to be ignored and removed from his position later. His battles with Wu would be a nice thing to see as well, probably shown in Wu’s story as the time where many people stated to fear they had lost their last chance to be beat Wei/Jin.

Wang Ping. Really just at the bottom since I worry how he would be handed. He could easily be one of the most interesting characters in Shu with how he could not read but didn’t let this hold him back at all. He had a few impressive wins to his record as well, while the idea came to me of him being the first to really be unsure of giving Jiang Wei high jobs, wearing him to not be as quick to want to campaign against Wei and look at the situations they are in again.


I get why some people such as Daolunofshiji hate putting him in Jin but since that is how Koei does it, Chen Tai. No explanation needed. Again why is he not in???

Wang Ji. His record speaks for itself. He would often disobey direct orders and he was never punished since he was right each time. Nice way to make the story more interesting.

Shi Bao. He would be around for about the whole story and was a skilled general who played a important role in some major events.

Guanqiu Jian. Same as Shi Bao only he wouldn’t be around as long. He was a more interesting guy to me, slowly getting discouraged/madden by the actions of the Sima clan and being a good all around guy. Wen Qin would work too and really I think he is more likely to be added but I think Guanqiu Jian would be better.
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